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Management and staffing

"The conducting of all appraisals by the General Manager is a good way to ensure equality of opportunity is provided and that managers are effective..."
Assessor, Investor In People Award

Lorraine Dean the manager at the Conifers has many years experience including previously managing the Conifers Nursing Home in 2011. Lorraine is supported by deputy manager Rebecca Kneller and clinical lead Michelle Burns.

Staff are well supervised on duty and we provide good staffing levels to make sure that the high standards of care are maintained.

Each member of staff has a regular formal session with a manager to look at their performance and to consider ideas they have. Everyone receives an annual appraisal.

"The home has an excellent approach to supporting people new to the organisation or role."
Assessor, Investor In People Award

The Conifers has recently been successfully reassessed to continue holding the Investors in People award.

This award verifies that the home is well run, staff are well trained and supervised, and that all staff are working together to meet the needs of the residents.


"All people interviewed said that they 'love working here', as a consequence of the attitude and style of the managers."
Assessor, Investor In People Award

There is a separate training suite on site, and a staff development programme is organised by the Training Manager. This means that we can regularly train all our staff to keep them up to date with all the skills and the knowledge they need. The training centre is a nationally accredited staff training school.

"Rapid, easy access to learning when they need it most..."
Assessor, Investor In People Award


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