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What inspectors say

“..standards of care had been maintained to a high level and service users were well cared for.”

“..relatives spoke highly of the quality of care.”

“Service users were treated with dignity and respect...”

“The home had a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

“Activities were broad and service users were enabled to make their own choices in their day-to-day lives.”

“..the home continued to provide a range of activities to meet the needs of the service users.”

“..beautifully decorated home with a high standard of quality furnishings and fittings.”

“..a high degree of expressed individuality in each of the bedrooms..”

"..a wholesome, varied and excellent choice."

"..individual requests from service users for specific food items... were actioned."

"Managers are supportive, effective and use coaching to encourage the development or honing of skills."

"The General Manager consciously works a shift 'on the floor' each week  This is an excellent and effective way to conduct observational reviews of performance..."

"Service users were well cared for by numbers of qualified staff that were competent and trained to carry out their jobs."

"The commitment to training within the home was evident.."

"Service users felt that they were listened to and action to resolve the issues."

"Staff meetings are held at regular intervals in which staff are encouraged to participate in full.."

People were encouraged to continue with their individualised lifestyle.”


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