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Philosophy of care

Everyone is an individual at the Conifers where we offer a high quality of care that maintains the dignity and privacy of every resident. Residents are offered choices, and have a say in everything that happens.

Care Planning

We always make sure that we can cater for your specific needs by carrying out a full assessment with you first. We encourage you to come for a trial period to see if you’ll be happy with us before you decide to move in.

Individual care plans are discussed and agreed with you, your family, and other professionals involved. Plans are regularly reviewed and updated to make sure they reflect changing needs.

Families are always welcomed and encouraged to visit and to share their ideas.


Each resident’s health is very important. Every resident is offered the choice of keeping their own GP if s/he is willing to come to the home, or to choose an alternative GP. Our local GP visits every week, and comes at other times if requested. We have clear and careful systems in place to administer medication, and individual needs are routinely re-assessed.

Additional Services

We arrange additional services if they’re requested or needed. Residents are registered with a local optician. A private dentist, a chiropodist, and a physiotherapist visit the home to offer treatment, and a hairdresser comes every week.

Catering Arrangements

Fresh meals are prepared each day. Cooked breakfast is available daily. There is always a varied and nutritious menu, and we respond to individual dietary needs. Meals are usually taken in the two dining rooms but residents can choose to eat in their own rooms if they want.


Residents who are able to go out are welcome to do so whenever they like. They can choose when they get up and go to bed. While we encourage everyone to join in activities, residents can stay in their own bedroom if they prefer.

A portable phone is always available to make calls in private, and residents can install their own phone line.

Ministers visit every two weeks for residents with religious beliefs. We can arrange for newspaper delivery. Small items such as birthday cards, toiletries, and tights can be purchased at cost in the home’s shop. Clothing and shoe sales are held in the home.

Belongings are very important, and we have a carefully organized laundry system to ensure clothes are not mislaid.


"I cannot thank you enough for making my dad's birthday so very special.  He had a lovely day, so much attention and kindness, it was great"


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